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sveyA web developer, writer of many things, and creator of interactive artwork.



Hey! 👋 I'm @svey online, and Hayden if you know me 🌎.

I am a digital media artist, and web developer.

My field of work covers everything from large scale interactive public installations, to more humble independent websites. My background is in visual arts and software development and has provided me with both the vision, and technical know-how, to provide unique digital experiences.

If you want to learn more about the kind of work that I offer, you can take a 👀 around my site, checkout my GitHub, or reach out to me by email at [email protected] ✍️. I am currently available for contract, and I am eager to meet you and help you create your next digital experience!




Performance tests are run on every new build.

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For my clients I recommend a CMS solution such as Sanity, the flexibility is incredible and as long as you can make a graphql query your frontend can use all your content hosted on Sanity. For a long while I used Sanity for my own site as well, however, working as a single freelance developer I often found that I did not have time to update my website content and to gether all the documentation I would need for each project. The vast majority of my content was also already hosted on GitHub and I did not want to have to maintain two databases. This lead me to look for other solutions.

With a bit of work I was able to use GitHub's graphql api to query all of the content I would need for my site. The site you are looking at now is built without a traditional CMS and every piece of data is queried from my GitHub profile.